Cloud Overview

Jump on board the next generation of hosting! With Cloudstra's cloud servers, you will be able to deploy a cloud server within minutes! You will have full control over your cloud server thanks to our Cumulus control panel - expand and shrink your cloud server with complete automation, manage backups and reinstall your operating system whenever you want, choosing from multiple Linux distributions including CentOS, Debian, CloudLinux and Ubuntu. Plus you can rest assured knowing that with our automatic failover technology, your cloud server will be automatically moved to another hypervisor should the hypervisor your cloud server is on happens to fail.

How It Works

Select a Cloud Server Size
First step is to customize your desired cloud server size.
Configure Your Cloud Server
The next step is to configure your cloud server and select your operating system.
Control Your Cloud Server
The final step is to control all aspects of your cloud server easily using the Cumulus control panel.
Build your Cloud Server today!
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processor 1.2 Ghz
ram 1024 MB
storage 40 GB
bandwidth 500 GB
price $40
processor 2.4 Ghz
ram 2024 MB
storage 50 GB
bandwidth 1000 GB
price $50
processor 3.6 Ghz
ram 3024 MB
storage 60 GB
bandwidth 2000 GB
price $70
processor 4.8 Ghz
ram 4024 MB
storage 70 GB
bandwidth 3000 GB
price $80
processor 6.0 Ghz
ram 5024 MB
storage 80 GB
bandwidth 4000 GB
price $100
processor 7.2 Ghz
ram 6024 MB
storage 90 GB
bandwidth 5000 GB
price $120
processor 8.4 Ghz
ram 7024 MB
storage 100 GB
bandwidth 10000 GB
price $140
processor 9.6 Ghz
ram 8024 MB
storage 110 GB
bandwidth 20000 GB
price $220