Dedicated Servers

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Dedicated SERVERS

Fragnet provides the latest Dell high-end servers. Frag Networks offers three different kind of specifications of gaming servers which allows the user to start off on a basic affordable package to build up on and then to allow them to upgrade to a higher specification when needed.

Our gaming dedicated servers will come with additional options for clients to use if they wish. Additional options are:

Managed Server

Frag Networks manages updates, installs, game updates and everything that needs to be done on request. This would be an additional cost of €30.00/Month

TCAdmin License & Install

Frag Networks would provide the license, install, and configuration for the client at an additional cost of €20.00/Month

FTP Backup 25GB Space

We will offer backup space for the client to use if they run out of space or need some important files backing up so if anything was lost they would be able get it back right away. This is an additional cost of €5.00/Month

  • Dell R210
  • 1x Xeon Quad X3450
  • (8 Virtal cores)
  • 4Gb DDR3 RAM
  • 250Gb SATA HDD
  • Dell R210
  • 1x Xeon Quad X3450
  • (8 Virtal cores)
  • 8Gb DDR3 RAM
  • 500Gb SATA HDD
  • Dell R410
  • 2x Xeon Quad E5620
  • 12Gb DDR3 RAM
  • 2x146Gb SAS 15k RPM HDD
  • Hardware Raid Controller